Why Twitter Down In India? Around 900 Microblogging User Complaint

From India’s 12 cities users must face the problem of Twitter services, However now all problems are fixed, but before sometime Twitter was down for Indian users, maybe, there has been a bug in the server of India.

This problem was found by Mobile And Desktop users, but most users from Mobiles like IOS Users and Android Users face the problem Most. The Microblogging users complaint first to the Downdetector, and the Downdetector service also confirmed that around 900 users complaint about the same problem that is Twitter Is Not Working on its mobile.

Twitter down

Accrodinmg to the down editor, Maximum microblogging users face most problems while they using Twitter to share content, and also Downeditor confirms, microblogging users detect first the Twitter server down problem.

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On Friday night Twitter users complained about slow login and loading issues. The problem started around 9 pm on Friday night. Users in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Madura, and Bengaluru reported the most about Twitter server down the problem that they can’t use Twitter right now.

Why Users Faces Twitter Down Problem

We never get any official announcement about these server issues, but the down detector says around 900 people complain to him about the Twitter server problem and they can’t log in to their account and can’t use Twitter to share any contents.

According to Down Detector, the Twitter Down occurred at 10.30 am (US time). Its impact was seen in many other countries of the world along with America, Britain, and China, etc.

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It is very surprising that from the past few weeks many branded platforms were crashed like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Past few weeks is trouble for social media users to use them, but as you know after some time all platform was got well.

According to a report by the down editor, around 16k American users were affected by this incident. Boston, New York, Washington, and Atlanta saw the biggest impact in the US, So are you facing the downtime of Twitter, share with us your opinion about this incident.

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