What Is IP Rating In Smartphone? How Does It Work?

You may hear the IP Rating protections while you going to purchase any smartphone and watching reviews about the phones.  IP Rating protections are very important for any smartphone, so basically, in this post, we will discuss What Is IP Rating In Smartphone? How Does It Work? Why definitely need this Rating protection in any phone.

IP Rating

What Is IP Rating In Smartphone?

IP Rating is known as Ingress Protection in the full name. Basically, this is a protection layer that resists your device from dust and water drops. Many times we are in an open space and there is more dust which can cause problems inside our phone.

Sometimes we get caught in the rain with the phone or accidentally take a shower, or mistakenly we drop water on phones, that can also cause problems in phones.

So, experts solute this problem with IP Rating protections. If the protection implemented in any device, there are very few chances that water or dust enters the devices.

This is how our phone stays safe with the help of IP Rating! So if you are going to buy the phone, see if your phone has IP Rating protections or not. There are a lot of IP’s Rating protections and Everyone has different benefits and disadvantages. See Below…

How Does IP Rating Work?

An IP Rating consistent two digits (for example IP68 Rating, IP67 Rating, etc) both number has own protection levels. The first digit of the IP Rating protects the electronic device from Solid. And the Second number shoes the protection from liquid such as water. Let’s know deep information…

IP Rating 1st Digit

The first digit of IP Rating shows protection from Solid, This number can be 0 to 6 level maximum, and this protection against solid increases low to high.

If there are numbers 0, it means the device has not any protection from solid.

If there are number 1, which means your device is protected with any large part of the body such as the Hand from a solid object greater than 50mm diameter.

Level 2 protects the device from the solid which is not greater than 80mm length and 12mm diameter, such as our finger

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Rating protection level 3, protect device from such of tools and similar gadgets with a 2.5mm diameter or more.

The rating protection level no 4 protect devices which is more bigger than 1mm,

Level 5 protect against dust which may harm any electronic gadgets,

and protection level 6 exhibits that, the device is completely protected with any type of solid, dust, and similar things.


IP Rating 2nd Digit

The 2nd digit or IP Rating shows the protection from Liquid, This 2nd cumber can be 0 to 8, and protection increase from low to high.

Protection level no 0, means the device hasn’t any special protections against liquid.

Protection level 1, means the device is safe from condensation and dripping water.

protection level no 2, means the device is protected against water droplets deflects up to 15° from vertical.

Protection level 3 protects the panel or device from spray up to 60° from vertical.

Protection level 4 protects against water spray from any direction.

Protectin level 5 protects the device from low-pressure water jets from any direction.

Protection level 6 means, the device or panel protected with strong jets and waves.

Protectin level 7 allows the device temporary immersion in water or liquid.

and Finally, protection level 8 allows the device prolonged effect of immersion under high-pressure waters.

Kind of IP Rating Protections!

  • IP66 Rating– IP66 rating protect your phone fully from dust and water. It can Protect from high-pressure water jets from any direction. this rating protection is common and mostly used rating protection.
  • IP67 Rating– If your device is protected with IP67 Ratings, then your device is safe and It Protected from total dust ingress and Protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth.
  • IP68 Rating– If your phone features IP68 Rating then You can be careless Because these protections protect your device in every way. IP68 Rating Protection can protect your device with dusts, waters, or liquid And can remain safe for up to half an hour even underwater around 1.5meters depth
  • IP69k Rating– If your devices implemented this rating then your device is fully protected from dust and water and it is also Protected from steam-jet cleaning.

Here is also up to 50 kinds of rating protections, so if you want to check more kind or IP Rating protections, check from here.

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