PUBG Mobile Confirms To Relaunch In India With New Name

The craze of the PUBG Mobile game becomes a powerful inspiration across the whole world including India, that’s why Krafton confirms the relaunch of this game with a new name in India. Before the ban, Indian players played the PUBG Mobile global version, but the Indian government detects some Privacy issues and after that, they banned up to 100+ Chinese-based games and apps including PUBGM Global Game.

This happens in September 2019 and after over a year the company has confirms the Released Date Of PUBGM in India with the new name “PUBG Mobile India

The Official Teaser Confirms

The company hasn’t cleared anything but the Official PUBG Mobile India youtube channel posted 3 teasers and those teasers cleared everything. However, those all teasers made private after some time, but many users downloaded the teaser, snapped the Screenshots. Really that teaser is amazing and cleared the PUBG Mobile relaunching in India.

Government Permitted

The PUBG Mobile India announced the recent months of November 2020. This version replaced the PUBGM global version, which is banned in India. This game is marked by caring and following the Indian Government Policies and Rules, so that’s why Meity Permitted to launch again in India.

pubg mobile india release date

Violent things have been reduced considerably in this. The color of the blood will also green, and the design of the clothes has also been changed. Maybe the character is never seen unclothed as seen in PUBG Global.

This is not the first time that the news trends about the PUBGM India released date before this many time Came into the limelight.

This time we assume, there are very chances to launch PUBGM India, At least that’s what the teaser is saying.

How PUBG Mobile India Will Different From PUBG Mobile Global?

This news comes from much professional news media. According to them, many violated things will be replaced. The design of clothes changed. You never will see the characters in Unclothed as you saw in the PUBGM global.

Apart from this, the Blood colors will be Green, according to the news media. The Govt. Says while gamers kill the enemies, there was only blood to be seen, which seemed to be violated to the Indian government. So, in the PUBG Mobile India game, the colors of the blood will be changed.

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