GOQii Vital 3.0: Multi Activity Tracker

GOQii Vital 3.0 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price- 3999 2999 /-

  • GOQii Vital 3.0 is certified under 3 grades by ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  • It can track many activities 24×7 including Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, etc.
  • Up To 7 Days Live Battery Life
  • You can notify with messages, calls, alarms, etc
  • Protected with IP Rating (Water Protected)

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About The Item

GOQii is the leading fitness technology company. It is making various fitness bands and fitness technologies that help be healthy. Here we talk about the GOQii Vital 3.0 fitness band.

The GOQii Vital 3.0 Was available in India on 20 April 2020. It is showing just 25.2 g total weight that helps to wear for a long time without any tiredness. This fitness band is certified with ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

It can track your daily activity 24×7 like Your Footsteps, distance, calories burned, Active time, Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Exercise, etc. It may help to improve your health at home. Top 5 Best wired headphones under 1000 Price Range

Due to the corona pandemic, no people can enroll in fitness clubs or gyms, so guy’s this fitness band can help you improve your health at home.

Design & Build Quality

The design is perfect to wear in a public places. The body is built with plastic and a matte finish. Despite the plastic body, it is looking excellent as well. Its matte frame can enhance the quality and look a little bit. Xiaomi Mi A4 Specification Leaked Ahead Of Launch Announcement: Snapdragon 730G + AMOLED Display

We found only a black color option inside the box and official information. There we get two types of straps in red and lavender options.

goqii vital 3.0 review

GOQII Vital 3.0 comes with a 33mm OLED touchscreen display with rectangular resolutions. It has allowed you to measure your body temperature and blood pressure. Body temperatures are important when going to health check-ups, so you can do this at home with the help of this smart band.


It can 24*7 Continuous Heart Rate Tracking and give you the correct Blood Pressure measure. GOQii tracker allows you to track and monitor of your steps, heart rate, and time duration of your daily activities

it can measure your sleep. It can give you the data of how much you slept, how much you sleep in deep or lite, or how much you breathing while sleeping, after connected with your phone, you can read your phone’s messages at your smart band, you can check also notifications, etc.

It will give you the option to choose your nutritionist, personal trainer and wellness expert to motivate you and support you in the right steps towards your well-being.

It will also provide a live-video platform where you can get inputs from fitness experts as they talk about lifestyle tips and perform fitness workouts.

The GOQii Health Store is a comprehensive services marketplace offering a range of health-related products and services. We have partnered with several companies that offer healthy, natural, and organic products to make positive lifestyle changes.

GOQii provides unlimited cloud storage in Health Locker for its users and selected family members to record their tests and medical readings. Pros & Cons Fact At noise colorfit pro 2 review, Specification And Price

The GOQii ecosystem combines a fitness tracker, an app, a care team consisting of a personal trainer, a specialist, and a doctor. Through Karma, GOQii allows you to walk, earn and donate karma points to social causes.

Pros & Cons

There are a lot of amazing features included in this smart band, but we detect some feature efficiency low, which should be better.


  • Good Design and Excellent Build Quality
  • Good To Looking In Public
  • Up to 9 Activity tracker
  • 24X7 heart tracker
  • Body Temperature
  • Blood Pressures mapper
  • Heart Rate Measuring
  • Activity Tracker
  • Auto Sleep Tracking


  • Screen is too small, should be big side for reading messages and notifications
  • Battery quality is just decent, should be better at this price
  • No swimming proof but you can use in your general like, handwash, etc
  • No Oxygen Level Monitoring
  • The compass is based on in only India

Is GOQii Vital 3.0 Worth Buying?

Yes, GOQii vital 3.0 is worth buying because it comes in a good range price segment with many excellent features like body temperature. It is the matter at present because you can’t go to met with a doctor due to a pandemic, so you can check ownself with this

Apart from this, it also provide excessive tracking, auto-sleep tracking and money other features. So, yeah, I reccomended it to buy.

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