Noise Colorfit Pro 2: The Best Basic Smartwatch with 24×7 Dynamic Heart Rate Tracking

 Noise ColorFit Pro 2
  • Brand: Noise Colorfit Pro 2
  • Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Display: 1.33 Inches IPS LCD
  • Battery: 210mAh batter
  • Heart Monitor: 24×7 heart rate monitoring
  • Modes: 9 sports modes
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₹ 2,599

Being healthy is everyone’s appetence. Due to the corona pandemic, we are imprisoned in a room, in a place. So we can’t go to the gym, can’t take the Trainor helps. In these situations, we can be fit on home with home Exercise.

Why do we need fitness band?

If you started to exercise, you don’t know about your health, how much calories burn, How is your heart-beat, How is your blood pressures, how much you should improve, a particular exercise is good for you or not, etc

For calculating it, you can’t take any Trainor help, but you can keep a fit band as a Trainor. A fit band suggest always you that how enough you should do excessive, How is your blood pressure, How is your heartbeat.

Apart from this, it can track your activity and suggest you the right things always. So my recommendation is, if you started to exercise at home, you should keep a fitness band for you. Samsung galaxy fit 2, Fitness Band price and Specification: AMOLED Display+21 Days Battery Life

Everyone wants to use Apple smartwatches or other premium fitness bands, but they can’t afford it. In this case, you should use the mid-range budget category, fitness bands. By caring about budget, the Noise introduces a mid-range priced fitness band for you, named Noise Colorfit Pro 2. So basically in this post, we will review the Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Fitness band and share is worth buying or not for you.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 review

noise colorfit pro 2 review
noise colorfit pro 2 review

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 launched in India on October 15, 2019. This is a multi-touch capacitive touch-screen smartwatch as a fitness band. It can monitor 9 different modes and also it can track your steps. So in this fitness band, the company has included premium features in a mid-range price category.

Design & Build Quality

noise colorfit pro 2 design and build quality review
noise colorfit pro 2 design and build quality

The case of the watch made with polycarbonate, that is the reason it is a lite-weight fitness band at just 35g. There is a1.33 inch curved IPS LCD glass on the front. The straps of the watch looked like a regular traditional design and made with good quality material which is Detachable straps.

The watch case made with metal and we never face any issues but sometime feel like Sippy and mild uncomfortable, otherwise the watch looking premium in hand like apple watch.

On the right side of the watch the company has placed function button which will wake up to screen and made change with function of watch. At the back of the watch placed a charging pin and pulse and heart rate sensor.

The Noise Colorfit Pro 2 comes with 6 color options, Jet Black, Teen Green, Deep Wine, Royal Blue, Cherry Red, and special edition. The watch is protected with IP68 water and dust resistant certification.


noise colorfit pro 2 display review

The noise colorfit pro 2 comes with an IPS LCD, 1.33 inch full screen display with the 240×240 pixels resolution. The brightness and color combination is pretty well in the display and you can watch properly notifications in sun lights.

The touch is very responsive and multi-touch capacitive and it detects fingers perfectly where you want to click. There is no display protection of gorilla glass. You can find some finger smudges and fingerprints on the watch because the case is polycarbonate material but you can clean it anytime with just your finger.

The navigation of the smartwatch is jut gesture based and you can find feature by using finger by swiping up or down.

quick Functions

noise colorfit pro 2 display review

You will go on different feature by swiping different directions. Swiping down for the notification panel as seen in the smartphones. If you swipe up from the bottom, you will see the footsteps data, distant traveled and callaroy burned data in daily basis.

If you swipe right, you will see the quick settings which allows you to activate heart-rate monitering, raise to wakeup features, DND, etc. While swipe from left side you will see the main menu, wher you will se respectively Sports mode, Heart rate monitering, Breath tracking, Alarm, Music Control, stopwatch, settings and sports record.

It can monitor 24/7 Dynamic Monitoring & Manual Monitoring, Step Tracking, Calories Burned, Distance Travelled Activity History, Sleep Monito, Breathe.

There is no lag issues in the UI. You can control your UI setting, watch interface, brightness, etc from setting options.

Initial Setup Guide

noise colorfit pro 2 setup and guide

The smartwatch comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and connect with seprate app Noise Fit Pro 2 seprate app from your IOS Or Android Mobiles. The connectivity and initial setting is very easy. Download and install the official application and start pairing via Bluetooth with fitness smartwatch and phone.

While succesfully paired with watch to mobile you can setup your initial performance and goal settings. After pairing, you will see simple interface of Noise Colorfit Pro 2 application where you can find you today’s data, like steps counts, heart rate, sleep counts.

You can setup the call alerts and notification alerts setting to show it on the watch interface. As well you can set also music control setting to enable or disable interface on watch.

Battery Performances

The company has includes a 210mAh battery capacity which can charge fully in just 2 hours. The watch can live up to 45 days in standby mode otherwise its battery life shrink to 10 continuous days. Ther is the magnetic charging cable which can attach to the watch from the back.

Pros & Cons


  • Raise & Wakeup Mode
  • 9 Excersice Mode
  • Heartbeat Monitor
  • Breath Tracking
  • Steps Tracking
  • 45Day Lifeline at standby mode
  • Multi interface features
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • Easy setup


  • No Oxygien Level Monitering
  • Only 210mAh battery capacity
  • No glass protection on display


In my opinion, This is the amazing and best quality fitness band in mid-range price segments. After these all premium features it provides a 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

It has almost all the special feature that available only in a flagship smartwatches. So this Noise Colorfit Pro 2 be a activity buddy while you excersice. So after seeing this feature, looking to other smartwatches we see this Noise Colorfit Pro 2 smartwatch is a one of the best smartwatch and fitness band.


How accurate is noise ColorFit Pro 2?

Quite Well, It detect almost perfect every activity.

Can we answer calls on ColorFit Pro 2?


Does noise ColorFit Pro 2 have GPS?

No, But you can use it after connecting to mobiles

Is Noise ColorFit Pro Worth Buying?

Yes, Because of its amazing features

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