Earphone Buying Guide- How To Buy Best Earphone | Keep These 5 Thing While Buy Earphone

Earphone Buying Guide: Earphone is a necessary part of our life. The earphones are the most useful and most selling product after purchasing a smartphone. Before an era, the smartphone company also provides free earphone inside the box but at present, almost all smartphone company has stopped providing the earphone inside the box, even many brands don’t provide the most essential thing, The power supplier, charger.

So if you are going to buy any earphones in the market, even on any online store, every brand confuses the buyers by providing many ads, posters, specifications, and many things. By this, the buyers are confused and can’t choose the right option at the time.

So here we provide some important earphone buying guide which is shared by an expert. So next time, while you going to buy any smartphones offline or online, follow these buying guides, with the help of you can make the right decision by caring about your interests and budgets.

These all earphone buying guides will help you to choose the best, Durable, Strong, Good Looking and Best for your ears, because many smartphones become very harmful for many earphone users while they use bad quality earphones.

What To Consider While Buying A Earphone?- Earphone Buying Guide

While you are going to buy any earphone in the market or on the welcomer’s website, you should follow these earphone buying guide, which could help you to choose the best and premium products.


Looking good is everyone’s dream, so choosing a good-looking earphone is very important and difficult. While you are roaming in the public and you use the earphone, and our earphone looked like premium and unique, that matters in others’ minds.

Earphone Buying Guide- How To Buy Best Headphone

After this, once, almost all the people near you think about, you and your earphone, And if you use the same type of earphone as you are wearing, then it will look even more amazing in public. So before you are confused about choosing the best design and color for earphones, follow these guides

While you are confused about choosing a color combination for your earphone, think about what you wear mostly even on days. You can try to match which color of clothes you are wearing most. Apart from this, you can try the most used color combination, White color.

The white color combination of earphones is looking very premium. Most professionals peoples use white color earphones because it looking very impressive in public.


There are two types of earphones, wireless earphones,s, and wired earphones. What is your interest? What do you want to purchase wired or wireless earphones? Both have kind of advantages and disadvantages

Wired Earphone Advantages

  • You will never face any charging problem as in a wireless earphone.
  • The wired earphone provides exact timed audio which is transported from the gadgets but in the wireless earphone, the audio delayed while reaching you.
  • These products are available very cheaply and the best rated in the market.

Wired Earphone Disadvantages

  • It will speed up your battery consumption, as it does not have a separate battery, as in wireless earphones.
  • The wired earphone has more problems with wire breakdown and malfunction. So you need to become more careful about the wired earphone.


The mic is an essential thing in every earphone. It would help you to communicate with others. If you want to call, record a voice message, or playing multiplayer games, the mic matters in it. It helps to make a call and chat, it helps to communicate with your teammates while you playing games, it helps you to record high-quality audio while you want to record audio. So, having a mic in every earphone is matters, so don’t make any mistakes, and buy the earphone which has an inbuilt mic.


Integrated buttons Board is necessary for earphones. On the board, just need a call receiving button, volume rocker, or music changer. These buttons will help you to do many things effortlessly.

With the help of you can receive calls and with the inbuilt mic, you can communicate. Apart from this, other buttons will help you to control the volume levels and music change easily, without any effort.

So the integrated buttons board is necessary for every earphone. while you are going to buy any earphones, remember the availability of integrated bord is necessary.


Noise cancellation is a very useful and important feature. It helps to listed noise-free audio, chats, and voices while you make a call or listen to any self-recorded audio, even while you record your own voice, it helps to record noiseless audio.

Earphone Buying Guide- How To Buy Best Headphone


It depends on you. What you need. The earphone builds with multiple materials like rubber, plastics, or some steeliness components. The rubber-built earphone is very good for everyone, because it does not issue pain in your ears, and there is a soft feel in the ear, while you use a plastic earphone, then after using the earphone for a long time, the ears start feeling little pain.

So in my reccomandateion, the rubber-built buds and earphones are very good for you and your ear.


Feeling comfortable is also important. If you buy good-looking and best premium products but you don’t feel comfortable, then it makes no sensible things.

while you are going to buy any earphone, you should also remember that the earphone doesn’t make any harmful thing for you, even you feel comfortable while you use it.


while you choose the right earphone for you, consider one more thing, that is audio tuning or audio quality. A good quality earphone can give you everything that you need because of which you want to use the earphone. There are kinds of tuning like Deep Bass, Medium Bass, Hall Bass.

Deep Bass

If you love the high bass and thumpy music, then you should choose the Deep Bass featured earphone. It presents you with high-quality deep bass. Most gamers use this because the deep bass can detect easily enemies footsteps while they roaming around the players.

Medium Bass/Tuned

This type of earphones present medium quality bass, but it helps you to communicate with others with high-quality noise-canceled voice tuning.

It feels like a hall and Presents the tuning like Dolby. My recommendation is both depend on you. If you are a gamer then you need to buy deep bass integrated earphones otherwise music lovers choose medium bass earphones. Here you can see the top best earphone for gaming/ Best earphone for PUBG

Best Earphone For Gaming- My Picks

Here we collect the best quality earphones for gamers. Choose one of the best in these options from here.


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